First Week of Keto

A good friend of mine just recently suggested I try Keto. I’ve been on and off my diet the last 1 to 2 months and I need to get a routine down. I did a good job of losing over 40 pounds of fat in the last two years, however I wanted something that would take me to the next level.

It’s only been 1 week and 2 days into keto, but I feel incredible. I’m waking up early without the dreaded feeling of brain fog and thinking about my day. Before Keto waking up was hard, I thought something was wrong with me. At first I thought I was just going through a down time where everything just kind of sucked. After the first week of Keto, which to be fair was painful, i was tired and was napping every day and feeling malnutritioned, even though i was eating tons of meat and fats. My weight has dropped dramatically but I’m not naive, I knew it was pure water weight. From 180-182lbs to 175lbs I had a hit a new low body weight. I was freaked out because I had definitely shrunk, my muscles were not as full and big as they used to be. But I was told by my friend that it was to be expected and that the real results come later. I was in it to win it so I continued. My workouts were definitely effected negatively in the first week not strength wise but mostly from me being tired from lack of carbs, the thing that kept me going was a strong pre workout and a little bit of willpower to just push through.

On about the 6th day I woke up at 6:30am naturally and walked around the beautiful lake right outside my apartment. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on as I walked for just 30 minutes. Right outside my building I was lucky enough to have a lake with an amazing view of Downtown Austin. As the ‘keto flu’ and tiredness dissipated i was welcomed with a whole new type of energy. I’m waking up at 7am ready to go, ready to take on any obstacles. My workouts are much more doable and feel the same intensity as before, I still get incredible pumps that blow me up. What i realized is the frame i am seeing without water weight is my true muscle showing, its not an illusion anymore i just thought i was bigger than i was.

Brain fog had always been an issue for me and it has completely gone away. I’ve finally started taking a course I had been putting on for so long and I’ve become much more productive at work. I think I’m going to be on Keto for a while with these results.



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