The Borderline Steroid You Need To Be Taking

Let’s talk about one of the top supplements of all times. Borderline steroids, creatine is a must have when either bulking or cutting. I’m going to focus mostly on cycling while cutting. This is all how I personally reacted to creatine, everyone is different. Consistency is always key when dealing with any fitness related supplements.


So first, let’s see what scientific articles have said about creatine. From the National Institute of Health and NCBI, “Regardless of the form, supplementation with creatine has regularly shown to increase strength, fat free mass, and muscle morphology with concurrent heavy resistance training more than resistance training alone”. I will link the official to article for you to read more into detail.


Now, let’s talk about HOW to take creatine. I highly suggest not investing too much money into creatine, the Walmart brand works just fine. Just make sure it’s pure creatine mono-hydrate and each scoop is 5g. There are two ways you can do this. The first is called “loading”, this is where you’ll take 20gs of creatine each day for 5-7 days. I usually do 6 days because that’s when I really feel the creatine doing its job. The trick to loading is that you have to take the 20gs, 4 different times of 5g scoops each. If you take it all at once you’re wasting the creatine because your body can only digest 5gs at a time, the rest just gets pissed away. For example – 5g scoop in the am(9am), 5g scoop at lunch(12pm), 5g scoop during midday(4pm), and 5g before bed (9pm). After you are done loading you will enter “maintenance” mode, at this point you just need to be taking 5gs a day at any time. (Professionals suggest after a workout but i find it still works if I take it whenever) The longer (and more boring) way to take creatine is 5gs daily but it’ll be more of a slow increase, than loading and getting to peak creatine storage faster. It’s all preference.


Finally, the best part about creatine, and WHY we take this beautiful cheat code. After you’re done loading, be ready for all your lifts to go up AT LEAST 5-10lbs. The mental and physical boost that you get is no doubt one of the best feelings ever. Not only do your lifts go up, your energy is through the roof. This brings me to why I prefer supplementing on a cut. As you know when you’re in a deficit, lifting gets really hard. Especially since to preserve your muscle you want to lift relatively heavy (I’ll be posting another blog about lifting heavy on a cut soon). Creatine helps you push through the fatigue and keep your lifts consistent. Creatine will make you feeling like the biggest guy in the gym, and when you’re cutting, you really need that type of mentality.



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