Why You’ll Never Buy Powdered Protein Again

Alright everyone I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, now begin to imagine taking down a nice warm “protein shake” blended with 2 heaping scoops of cookies and cream powder mix…. now turn to the trash can to your left and go ahead and let it all out. Don’t even get me started on the clumps of water/powder I’ve had to put up with for the “gains”. Now I know, if your deep in bodybuilding taste is another simple sense that you’ve completely gotten rid of, but I think it’s about time we start being real with ourselves. It was a good act, Oscar nominee worthy in fact, but it’s time we stop pretending that we genuinely enjoy the taste of these self made protein powdered shakes. I know.. I know.. It’s a tough truth to swallow. But there’s no way it could be harder to swallow than those clumps of vanilla that can only be washed down with two tablespoons of WD-40.         


Okay that’s enough bashing for now… I really just wanted to bring up this one product that i’ve been using for the last 10 months to get shredded. Now I am in no way in a partnership or advertising off this post, I just really enjoy this product and feel like its under utilized. Basically Premier Protein is the best tasting, high protein containing, and relatively cheapest supplement I have consistently been consuming for a long long time. Let me tell you why.

Premier Protein is packing 30g of straight protein for only 160 calories. Now that’s a crazy good amount of protein. To compare it to some of your everyday meals; 5 eggs – 30g of protein 300 calories; 8 oz of tilapia – 30g of protein 150 calories; 118 almonds – 400 calories. At only 160 calories you are saving your macros if you’re cutting which equates to you treating yourself to something nice. By far the best part the flavors are incredibly delicious, I’m talking 12/10 better than any regular shake i’ve had. Just in case you’re sick of the same old flavors here are some game changers; banana cream, strawberry cream, and even peach cream (and more) . At this point you should be googling them and finding out the nearest place to get these gems. Why else would I take the time to write this?

For clarity, I’m not saying there aren’t protein shakes that taste good…they do exist, and they cost about an arm and a leg to get and you only get what, 4 to 6 quantity tops? Premier is relatively the cheapest shake per bottle cost I could find on the market. ALSO, they come in 12 to 18 packs. For those of you interested the 12 pack(Sam’s club) is about 1.38$ a shake and the 18 pack (Costco) is about 1.6$ a shake.

And to the people trying to sue premier protein because the protein contents are sometimes 2-3g less, please stop, for the price and taste premier delivers I’m willing to take a small L for their product. Don’t mess it up for the rest of us.

**Disclaimer: not an affiliate or in any way connected with premier protein or their views**

Link for product: https://www.premierprotein.com/

Edited and proofread by: Ryan Brown and Alex Prince

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